Features in detail

Smart, safe, comfortable - that's 4bowl.

Increasing Bookings

Let your customers book fast and easily via their smartphones or desktop-computers. 4bowl automatically sends booking confirmations via mail and SMS. The system does it all in real-time. Handwritten schedules and Excel charts are part of the past.
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A quick overview

New bookings, customer's requests and changes are highlighted. Navigate easily through the functions. 4bowl has a self-explaining handling. Every employee gets an own access to 4bowl. Decide who is allowed to see, book and change any entry or setting in your system.

Taking pressure off your staff

Dealing with your customers' needs will be easy and fast. If one of your customers wants to book by telephone, it means only a couple of clicks to your staff. Overbooking is technically prevented. If you have to leave the counter quickly, 4bowl locks the system automatically. This supports your staff to focus on every customer request completely and individually!


Understand your center's capacity

Retrace every decision and each step made in your bowling center. Keep track on each customer booking, evaluate the information given by each entry and check which request has been already answered. Be able to react quickly towards a rush of customers.

Wherever, whenever

Work in 4bowl wherever you want. No matter if you are at your office or on the road. 4bowl is with you all the time – online. Plan your events and offers independently from time and place.

IT-experts on your side

Log in to 4bowl via your internet-browser and start working. An installation is not required. 4bowl works with minimal system resources. Maintenance is served by our technical support at our expense.

Boundless flexibility

If your center has more than just one workstation, all your employees will still be able to work in 4bowl simultaneously. All bookings, changes and reactions are visible to all your system's users in real-time.

Choose your language

Your employees are free to choose their account's proper language. 4bowl currently offers English, French and German. If you need an additional language, do not hesitate to contact us.

We transfer your data safely

Our team transfers your existing data with accuracy and safety from your present system to 4bowl.

  •  No matter how many guests you expect: Keep track of everything with 4bowl.
  •  Check and organize your bookings independently from daytime. Plan your staff just in time and react directly on your customers' demands.
  •  Let your customers book mobile and in real-time. 4bowl meets your customers' needs for comfort and usability.
  •  You are on a business trip but want to check your facility's status? Just log in. With 4bowl.
Easy customer care

Manage your customers' data safely, including all bookings.

Modern server technology

4bowl works online. Start right now with your PC or your tablet.

Automatic e-mailing and SMS

Your customers automatically receive a booking confirmation.


Add your customers' requests and helpful notes onto your bookings.

Internal statistics

Check all your data, changes and mails easily in your database and log-files.

Digital archive

Look up past events and entries in your far-reaching and detailed archive.

Auto-Logout and Fast-Login

4bowl locks itself automatically. To unlock again, just type in your personal code.

Print your data

Print your booking entries and schedules right out of 4bowl.

Newsletter function

Create your own flexible newsletters and keep your customers up to date.

Your data is safe

4bowl works with certified safety standards. Backups are made constantly.

Highlight your daily business

Emphasize business hours, events and entries with colors and states.

Internal news system

4bowl keeps you updated about the ongoing mail traffic and changes within the system.